We aim to a digital sales network

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We aim to a digital sales network

Online shopping is an increasingly popular channel also as it comes to catering equipment: e-commerce platforms are multiplying, contributing to lower promotions, especially for used products.

The savings of an online purchase, however, must be regarded along with the quality of the product and the services connected to it. A kitchen manager, struggling with high staff turnover, is fully aware of how much stress can cause an oven or a refrigerator not working on a Saturday evening!

To be there when needed, We think that selling through the selected retailers remains the best way, also to make you sure you’re aware of what you are buying.

In this new socio-economic context, Inox Bim believes even more in its sales network, investing in training and updates to make it ready for new customer needs. Thanks to technology, today we can guarantee both the quality of the product and that of the service, allowing our dealers to facilitate the use of professional catering equipment.

Buying directly from the dealer allows you to have a point of reference, a human relationship that will take care of listening, advising, and assisting concretely for installations and possible malfunctions.

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