The hobsboards and exposed parts are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, while the remaining components are made of AISI 441 stainless steel.

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Cucina fiamma libera 2 fuochi a GAS aperta

Codici Modelli
  • 7CFLG2DA/12
  • 7CFLG2A/12
  • 7CFLG2PA/12
  • 9CFLG2A/12
  • 9CFLG2PA/12

Cucina fiamma libera 4 fuochi a GAS aperta

Codici Modelli
  • 7CFLG4DA/12
  • 7CFLG4A/12
  • 7CFLG4PA/12
  • 9CFLG4A/12
  • 9CFLG4PA/12

Cucina fiamma libera 6 fuochi a GAS aperta

Codici Modelli
  • 7CFLG6DA/12
  • 7CFLG6A/12
  • 7CFLG6PA/12
  • 9CFLG6A/12
  • 9CFLG6PA/12

Cucina fiamma libera 4 fuochi più forno a GAS GN 2/1

Codici Modelli
  • 7CFLG4FGD/12
  • 7CFLG4FG/12
  • 7CFLG4FGP/12
  • 9CFLG4FG/12
  • 9CFLG4FGP/12

Cucina fiamma libera 6 fuochi più forno a GAS GN 2/1 e vano aperto

Codici Modelli
  • 7CFLG6FGD/12
  • 7CFLG6FG/12
  • 7CFLG6FGP/12
  • 9CFLG6FG/12
  • 9CFLG6FGP/12

Top fiamma libera da banco 2 fuochi a GAS

Codici Modelli
  • 7TFLG2D/12
  • 7TFLG2/12
  • 7TFLG2P/12
  • 9TFLG2/12
  • 9TFLG2P/12

Top fiamma libera da banco 4 fuochi a GAS

Codici Modelli
  • 7TFLG4D/12
  • 7TFLG4/12
  • 7TFLG4P/12
  • 9TFLG4/12
  • 9TFLG4P/12

Top fiamma libera da banco 6 fuochi a GAS

Codici Modelli
  • 7TFLG6D/12
  • 7TFLG6/12
  • 7TFLG6P/12
  • 9TFLG6/12
  • 9TFLG6P/12


  • Only for the internal parts, such as combustion chambers and internal extractors, the AISI 430 stainless steel is used (we point out that, for internal parts, galvanized sheets is typically used).
    The ducts of gas main burners are obtained using stainless steel flexible pipes.
    Ignition, if any, takes place through a piezoelectric mechanical generator.

    The worktop of the Burner Gas Range is totally exposed for easy cleaning and maintenance. It is designed to house the crosspieces that support the basins marked h. 65 which guarantee the sealing of liquids and serve as an abutment to position the cast iron grid holding the cookware.
    The stainless steel basin is one-piece and easy to clean, even in the dishwasher. Below the worktop, at the centre, are 4 mm inserted brackets which ensure maximum load capacity, without any danger of bending.
    The GN 2/1 convection oven reaches about 280° and is equipped with an 8-position thermostat tap designed to provide better temperature uniformity.
    The recessed basin is created from a mould with an extractable basin.
    The grill trivet is separate
    The oven boasts piezo-electric starting
    The control panel is built-in for increased protection

    Supplied with recessed handles in grey ABS.
    As an optional it is possible to ask for handles in polished stainless steel.


The manufacturer guarantees the goods for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Electrical parts, consumables and glasses are excluded from the warranty.