Ozone is the ideal solution for sanitizing

Ozone is the ideal solution for sanitizing

INOX BIM’s main focus is the citizens’ well-being and the public health.

Since the lockdown has finished, we entered a new phase: new challenges are in front of us, as a consequence of this terrible epidemic, which has actually deeply changed our habits.

From the initial bewilderment, to the concerns about physical proximity: today we do need clear answers to live a more serene life.

One thing that all the experts agree on is that surfaces and premises need to be sanitized, in order to counteract the aggressive action of the virus.

There are several solutions to achieve this, but among all the oxidants agents in gaseous form, ozone was proved to be the ideal natural tool for sanitization; especially so if what has to be sanitized are environments and equipment that have to do with foodstuff; the clearest advantage of using ozone, comparing to other sanitizing methods, is the total absence of chemical residue.

Ozone is colourless, and has a fairly pungent odour. Its molecules are formed by three atoms of oxygen (O3).

It acts on intracellular components, By denaturing enzymes and nucleic acid, causing damages to genetic material, proteins and unsaturated membrane fats.

It has recently been discovered that Coronavirus is protected by a thin layer of unsaturated fat, which ozone is capable of piercing, making it weaker and less aggressive.

Unlike other disinfectants and sanitizers, ozone does not release chemical residues or odours, neither on the treated surfaces nor on the product.

Once used, it returns to being O2: that makes Ozone a natural, ecological and green choice.

INOX BIM has been engaged for a while now in designing and manufacturing cabinets for sanitizing foodstuff and/or objects through ozone.

There are different types of INOX BIM ozone sanitizing cabinets: different types of work (cold or combined), dimensions, and divided into standard or professional versions.

  • Cold sanitizing cabinets: ideal for sanitizing with ozone and storing food, just like a refrigerator of the other types in the INOX BIM list.
  • Combined sanitizing cabinets: this line combines the characteristics of the refrigerated cabinet with the possibility of heating: in practice it can go from 0˚ to 69˚C. Useful for regenerating food, for heating dishes, tools, cutlery and any object that is considered to be thoroughly cleaned, such as wipes and towels, reusable shopping bags, recycling bins, jackets and duvets, and much more.
  • Neutral sanitizing cabinet: there are two versions of this range: S (standard) and P (professional). These do not control temperature, but simply sanitize through ozone discharges. The S version is equipped with an ozone generator. The P version, in addition to this, is equipped with a forced ventilation system (which helps to uniform the flow of ozone in the cell) and a digital system which, as we will see, allows different functions such as temperature control, ozonation, the event log, the ability to monitor or change settings, even remotely.
  • Ozonized locker room cabinets: ozonating neutral cabinets, particularly suitable for work clothes, overalls, cushions, curtains or other equipment.

Constantly evolving, INOX BIM is always ready to face the daily obstacles we must face during these difficult times, always taking new challenges and exploring new possibilities.

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