Defend yourself against COVID-19

Defend yourself against COVID-19

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One of the most effective way to win the battle against Coronavirus is, as the experts state, the social distancing.

That’s why we spent several weeks in lockdown, without the chance to meet friends, family or work colleagues.

Now that shops and companies of all sort are back in business, people will also back to go outside, living their “normal life”. In this scenario, keeping the distances and being aware of the risk is crucial.

What now then? Well, paying attention to the personal hygiene first of all, often cleaning your hands; and then frequent airing of rooms, disinfecting handles and buttons, sterilizing dishes and cutlery: those are all small details we shall soon get used to.

For this reason, INOXBIM has decided to launch a new line of useful products that will make you and your staff able to work safely and maintain a virtuous behaviour.

The most interesting novelty concerns a new line of combined cabinets that allow temperature maintenance and effective sterilization of both food and tools, and also objects of various kinds through the generation of ozone.

In fact, ozone, as a gas, has the ability to sanitize even areas that are difficult to reach with ordinary cleaning; it has been used for a long time in hospitals to prevent the formation of bacteria, mites, odours, viruses, spores and moulds.

INOX BIM ozone sanitizing cabinets are available as cold or hot/cold combined.

Depending on your needs, you can also have the Neutral (ambient temperature) cabinet.

In this period INOXBIM has also thought about activities not concerning foodservice, creating a series of tools that sanitize any professional object, suitable for the office and for any other professional activity.

The professional version has a control panel, thanks to which you can control the temperature, downloading the event log and regulate the ozone generation through internal ventilation, in order to obtain a better uniformity of treatment.

With the same goal INOXBIM has also designed a compact a safe, user-friendly and effective portable ozone generator.

The system was designed for high-level disinfections in confined spaces, especially in the food industry (such as laboratories, packaging rooms, food preparation rooms, cold rooms, etc.), in the health sector (clinics , clinics, waiting rooms, etc) and automotive.

INOXBIM, in these difficult months, has dedicated itself to ease the restart of businesses, while keeping an eye on health and quality of life.

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