• Where it is necessary to maintain or prepare in advance dishes, the use of the blast chiller is needed, in compliance with HACCP rules. The blast chillers-freezers made of stainless steel AISI 304. Chilling the good avoids bacterial proliferation which is responsible for food deterioration.
    Rapid freezing operation allows the building of ice micro crystals of the water molecules which are normally contained in food and permits to protect so their integrity and taste.

    The internal fitting of the blast chillers-freezers is in stainless steel and provides the placement of grates, pans GN1/1 or 600×400, without replacing of the internal racks. Programming is electronic setting time or probe.

    InoxBim blast chillers are designed in compliance with the regulations that govern product unaltered state and the correct times of the various treatments. The control system includes two types of blast chilling, light and intensive; the blast chilling temperature set at 3 °C in the factory
    may be reached at a set time or by means of a needle probe that measures the temperature
    at the core of the product.

    The system also features two types of freezing, light and intensive; the temperature is set at -18 °C and it can also be reached either at a set time or by means of needle probe.
    The system is also provided with a pre-cooling function, very useful to ensure an initial condition suitable for the situation, and a hold function which is automatically activated at the end of the blast chilling or freezing cycle; it  adjusts according to the temperature of the primary application.
    Standard defrosting is manual and does not include a heater; to enable the defrosting cycle you
    must activate the dedicated control and also open the door.

    Optionally, you can equip the machine with additional grids and wheels.
    In the standard version, the product is equipped with a pan GN 1 1, a pan 600×400, a tray for collecting the liquids discharged from the drain on the bottom of the machine, and the non heated needle probe.


The manufacturer guarantees the goods for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Electrical parts, consumables and glasses are excluded from the warranty.