INOXBim refrigeration line includes a range of cabinets and a series of technological devices useful to transform the InoxBim refrigeration line in products that feature the extra benefits of the INOXBim line.

The refrigeration line of INOXBim stands out from traditional refrigeration equipment due to the cutting-edge control and communication systems, energy savings and respect for the environment.

All models are available, on request, with dark blue stainless steel handle

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  • Leavening retarder cabinets INOXBim product line boast the following characteristics:
    – Monobloc body with 60 mm insulation ( 75 mm concerning 900 lt) with HFO polyurethane foam which has a GWP level equal to 0
    – Cell operational temperature -6° + 40°C
    – Device with fully automated digital control embracing Industry 4.0 requirements

    Leavening retarder cabinets are able to accomplish with multiple functions, that is to say:
    • Cooling, heating and maintenance management
    • Management and operational usage through probes
    temperature reading: evaporator, aspiration cell
    • Cold, heat, maintenance
    • Complete leavening retarding cycles can be performed through
    the setting of timing and characteristics of temperature, ventilation. Naturally, it can also be used for preserving, thawing, desiccating, etc.


The manufacturer guarantees the goods for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Electrical parts, consumables and glasses are excluded from the warranty.