Aclass is a series of refrigerated cupboards comprising both chillers and freezers. They are designed with the criteria of energy saving, cutting-edge control, communication systems and environmental protection.

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Armadio refrigerato serie A class una porta 700 lt

Codici Modelli
  • 70BTAC
  • 71TNAC

Armadio refrigerato serie A class due porte 1400 lt

Codici Modelli
  • 140BTAC
  • 141TNAC

Armadio refrigerato serie A class una porta 700 lt

Codici Modelli
  • 71TNACA

Armadi refrigerati pasticceria/gelateria serie A class una porta 900 lt

Codici Modelli
  • 90BTAC
  • 91TNAC

Armadio refrigerato ad OZONO una porta 700 lt

Codici Modelli
  • IGF70

Armadio refrigerato ad OZONO una porta 900 lt

Codici Modelli
  • IGF90

Armadio refrigerato ad OZONO due porte 1400 lt

Codici Modelli
  • IGF70


  • Energy saving is a major factor, given the rising cost of electricity and the pollution caused by its production; refrigeration is undoubtedly fundamental in a kitchen or in a food-processing plant, but it is also the highest energy consumer. This is why INOXBim has created machines that stand out for their lower energy consumption and reduced environmental impact.

    The Aclass series has been designed considering 4 main points:
    1. R290 refrigerant grade propane, with low environmental impact
    This type of gas presents the additional advantage of being 10% more efficient than the other gases in current use.

    2. 75 mm polyurethane insulation (floor and walls) instead of 50-60 mm used in cheaper products.
    Thicker insulation means that the inside temperature required can last longer, with less frequent and shorter compressor
    motor cycles.

    3. Defrosting of the evaporator through hot gas circuit: this avoids defrosting by means of a resistor and the need of far more electricity.
    The system works by means of a primary hot gas circuit that heats the evaporator and, as soon as the water comes out, a second hot gas circuit evaporates it.

    4. Electronic control unit with dual settings and automatic algorithms. This allows the setting of two
    different groups of parameters: one for the part of the day when the personnel uses the products inside the refrigerator. In this case, the temperature must be set below the upper limit, with as few defrosting cycles as possible to compensate the increases in temperature caused by door openings.
    A second setting covers that part of the day when doors stay closed; temperature is maintained at the upper limit, with consequent saving in energy use. If any light is present, it will be turned off.

    The two different settings are automatically controlled by the unit, following the data recorded in the previous days, with no need to change the setting again.
    These 4 points all together can result in 40% saving in Electricity. For example, an expensive 700 litre cupboard with temperature range -2+8 consumes 6-7 kw per day – in a year this is 2200-2500 kw – while the A class model allows to save up to 1000 kw per year, i.e. 2.5 – 3 kw per day.

    Refrigerators are supplied with recessed handles in grey ABS.
    As an optional it is possible to ask for handles in polished stainless steel.


The manufacturer guarantees the goods for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Electrical parts, consumables and glasses are excluded from the warranty.