INOXBim refrigeration line includes a range of cabinets and a series of technological devices useful to transform the InoxBim refrigeration line in products that feature the extra benefits of
the INOXBim line.

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Armadi Climatici una porta 700/900 lt

Codici Modelli
  • 71CT
  • 91CT

Armadio Climatico due porte 1400 lt

Codici Modelli
  • 141CTMAX

Armadi Climatici porta Vetro su due fronti 700/900/1400 lt

Codici Modelli


    • Climatic cabinets INOXBim boast the following characteristics:
      – Monobloc body with 60 mm insulation (75 mm concerning 900 lt) with HFO polyurethane foam which has a GWP level equal to 0
      – Cell operational temperature -6° + 40°C
      – Humidity management
      – Device with fully automated digital control embracing Industry 4.0 requirements
      – Timed control ozonator (optional)

      Climatic cabinets INOXBim are able to accomplish with multiple functions, that is to say:
      • Cooling, heating and maintenance management
      • Management and operational usage through probes temperature reading: evaporator, aspiration cell, relative humidity
      • Cold, heat, maintenance, humidification, dehumidification and ozonation (optional) function
      • They are able to perform complete cycles regarding leavening retarding, seasoning, maturing, drying, thawing, pre-cooking, storage at controlled temperature and humidity and generally cycles of foods transformation through temperature / damp / air sanitizing / ventilation


    The manufacturer guarantees the goods for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Electrical parts, consumables and glasses are excluded from the warranty.