Inox Bim, a leading company specialized in the production of Stainless Steel Professional Equipment for the Catering Industry, offers its customers a wide selection of Ovens for Professional Kitchens.

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Forno elettrico combi 4 livelli GN 1/1

Codici Modelli
  • BCH0411EDR
  • BCH0411EMR

Forno elettrico combi 6 livelli GN 1/1

Codici Modelli
  • BCH0611EMR
  • BCH0611EPR

Forno elettrico combi 10 livelli GN 1/1

Codici Modelli
  • BCH1011EMR
  • BCH1011EPR

Forno elettrico combi 10 livelli PLUS GN 2/1

Codici Modelli
  • BCH1021EMR
  • BCH1021EPR

Forno a gas combi 6 livelli GN 1/1

Codici Modelli
  • BCH0611GMR
  • BCH0611GPR

Forno gas combi 10 livelli GN 1/1

Codici Modelli
  • BCH1011GMR
  • BCH1011GPR

Forno gas combi 10 livelli PLUS GN 2/1

Codici Modelli
  • BCH1021GMR
  • BCH1021GPR


Codici Modelli
  • 12UG
  • 12UX


  • All ovens for RestaurantHotelBarSelf Service in our PLUS range come complete with impressive features.
    The cooking/baking chamber has leak-free rounded corners and is made of completely soldered AISI 304 stainless steel.
    Thermal insulation of the chamber has been realized with a thickness of no less than 40 mm.
    This notably reduces the dispersion of heat.
    The oven racks are manually removable for easy washing (including in the dishwasher).
    In the “MGS” / “MES” versions, the core probe comes with a platinum transducer in inox AISI 304.
    Tempered double pane windows have been inserted in the door.
    Hot air with moisture (mixed) 50-270°C.
    Preparation of food combining hot air and controlled humidity. Products are obtained in no time with important energy saving and are particularly juicy and flavoured, with minimum mass loss. Ideal for stewing and braising, sauces and ragout.
    It is also recommended to prepare large meat chunks such as pork shanks and whole turkeys.
    Due to this cooking technique, staff is no longer required for constant cooking, thus significantly reducing energy consumption.


The manufacturer guarantees the goods for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Electrical parts, consumables and glasses are excluded from the warranty.