INOXBim grills are made according to the needs of the end user, and are designed to boast maximum functionality and performance.
The grilled meat, fish or vegetables, are much appreciated by the diners, but for those in the kitchen the problems are different. If fat turns to fire, with consequent carbonization of foods, which, in addition to destroy the final quality of the food, is also harmful to health. Continuous move of food while cooking, trying to compensate for the poor temperature evenness, difficulties to turn over food, especially if small, is so time consuming and it often falls down under the hob.

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  • These problems were solved by INOXBim through several innovations.
    The superstructure consists of a tube board, useful to support trays with products to be grilled or already grilled but that must be maintained hot. The board can be fully removed without the aid of any tools, to easily clean the equipment.
    At the bottom rear part of the superstructure are hinged the lids, essential to increase the efficiency of the machine. When the lids are lowered, food can be cooked faster and more evenly, even in the area that does not come into contact with the hob. Therefore, this system reduces vegetable cooking time by 30-40% and, more important, thanks to the steam generated inside the basin  fitted under the burners, the products lose less weight, and do not dry out.
    The grills are made in stainless steel sheet and feature a lower compartment useful to contain fats, thus avoiding fire as much as possible. The asymmetric slots located in the lower part help the hot air to be distributed evenly. In this case, the system allows a very even cooking, opening the way for a small series of cooking tools unusable on a traditional grill.

    The tools that can be used on INOXBim grill saves plenty of time to the operator. Within a second, you can turn over 20 sausages or 20 or 30 slices of vegetables, thanks to the fact that cooking is even and you are no longer restricted to change the location of the products. With a simple gesture, the products are cooked on both sides. The front side features a rail, useful to hang tools and to protect the operator from the heat generated during cooking.


The manufacturer guarantees the goods for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Electrical parts, consumables and glasses are excluded from the warranty.